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Considering the increasing environmental crises such as pandemics, the spread of various microbial and parasitic infections such as cholera, and most importantly the tensions caused by water shortages and pollution, we decided to create effective products with no side effects in the field of health and wellness under the brand name “Hippo Pack”. We also used the most up-to-date and efficient know-how and technology in the production of Hippo Pack products to achieve the highest standards of health and hygiene

“Hippo Pack” is a product-oriented brand in the field of hygiene, health, and disinfection products. This commercial brand belongs to “Kandoo Zarfam Technology Development Company”, which has created many innovative products as a knowledge-based company with a brilliant history of research and development

“At the Hippo Pack brand, we are committed to improving our customer’s health along with protecting the environment with an innovative method based on the world’s current knowledge”

قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک

Approved by the World Health Organization (WHO)

قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک

Increased shelf life

قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک

Highly effective with no side effects

قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک

User-friendly and portable

قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک

Destroys all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and parasites

قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک


Disinfectant tablets used in hospitals and medical centers

Drinking water disinfectant tablets

 Fruit and vegetable disinfection tablets

 Home surface disinfection tablets

قرص ضدعفونی کننده البسه

Bedsheet and clothes disinfection tablets

Vitex disinfection tablets

Disinfectant tablets

Swimming pool water purification chlorine tablets

پک گندزدا و تصفیه آب استخر

Swimming pool water purification and germicide pack

محلول شفاف کننده آب استخر

Pool water clarifying solution

محلول تنظیم کننده Ph آب استخر

Pool water pH regulator solution

محلول ضدجلبک آب استخر

Pool water anti-algae solution

پودر شوک کلر

Chlorine shock powder

قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک

Swimming pool water purification pack

قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک

Household disinfection products

قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک

Drinking water disinfection products

قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک

Hospital disinfection products

Advantages of Hippo Pack disinfection effervescent tablets

Containing effective ingredients approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

According to global standards such as WHO and NSF/ANS160

Approved by the Health, Treatment and Medical Education Organization and according to the national standards of Iran

Containing a hypochlorite organic and eco-friendly compound

Effective on pollution above 10 NTU and destroying 99.9% of pollution, including bacteria, viruses, and main parasites

Harmless and with no side effects

Portable, fast and easy to use and maintainable in a small space 


Shelf life up to 3 years after production



قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک
قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک

Free consultation

قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک

With health certificate verification

قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک

Guarantee of product authenticity

قرص ضدعفونی هیپوپاک

Nationwide shipping service

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