Chlorine tablet for purifying and disinfecting pool water

The most common way to disinfect pool water is to use chlorine tablets. This tablet prevents and destroys microscopic algae (The cause of the pool water turning green and the pool floor and walls becoming slippery). The amount of free chlorine in the pool should ideally be in the range of 1-3 mg/L, which disinfects the water and kills germs, viruses, and bacteria

The active ingredient has the approval of the Food and Drug Organization of Iran and the authentic laboratories, and it is also under the national standard 7098


Type of packaging: half-kilogram polyethylene can – seven-and-a-half-kilogram polyethylene can

Number of tablets in each box: 5-70 pcs

How to use: refer to the brochure (link)

Uses: purification and disinfection of private and public pool water

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