Introduction of Hippopack brand

Considering the increasing environmental crises such as pandemics, the spread of various microbial and parasitic infections such as cholera, and most importantly the tensions caused by water shortages and pollution, we decided to create effective and without side effects products in the field of health and wellness with the “Hippo Pack” brand name. We also use the most up-to-date and efficient knowledge and technology in the production process of Hippo Pack branded products to achieve the highest standards of health and hygiene

”Hippo Pack” is a product-oriented brand in the field of hygiene, health, and disinfection products. This commercial brand belongs to “Kandoo Zarfam Technology Development Company”, which, as a knowledge-oriented company with a brilliant history in the field of research and development, has created many innovative products

The range of products of this brand is in the field of disinfection of drinking water, fruits and vegetables, surfaces, clothes, water maintenance of home and sports pools, etc., and so far it has cooperated with many domestic and foreign customers, ranging from organizations to home customers

Hippo Pack products

These products contain the active ingredient NaDCC. Free chlorine radicals released from this organic compound cause oxidation of the cell wall of polluting microorganisms and destroy them. The presence of the organic compound hypochlorous with its extraordinary properties as the main effective ingredient is the reason why the products are called Hippo Pack. Meanwhile, hippo in English means hippopotamus, which is a symbol of friendship and protection of the environment. The main effective ingredient of “Hippo Pack” disinfectant products is not only approved by world health organizations such as WHO, FDA, and NSF/ANSI 60 standard but also recommended by organizations such as the Red Crescent and the Red Cross. Also, all Hippo Pack products have the approval of the Health, Medical Education, and Medical Education Organization (Iran’s Deputy Food and Drug Administration). “Hippo Pack” products are effective even in contaminations above 10 and 99.9% of contamination including bacteria, viruses, and parasites are destroyed after consumption

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